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Hurray! Thank you to Cypress Choral Music for publishing my new piece, “Today, Under Darkened Skies, I Watched the Water Breathe” in SATB, SSAA and TTBB. I am so grateful to Jeanette Gallant for the beautiful poem of resilience and hope and to the Vancouver Chamber Choir for their stunning LIVE PREMIERE PERFORMANCE last September. […]


NEW AT CYPRESS PUBLISHERS: Today, Under Darkened Skies


Song to the Moon

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“Winter’s Spell” captures the essence and beauty of the winter season. SAB with piano accompaniment. Accessible range for developing voices. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the transition from autumn to winter, with imagery of snow, ice, and cold weather. Musically, the repetition of the phrase “Cold snap!” serves as a powerful and engaging […]

Songs for Mixed Voices

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I’m open to arranging existing songs and hosting workshops and residencies.

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