My website was designed by Alyssa from CONTRAST Collective Co. She was able to take my ideas and turn them into a really functional and yet appealing design. She also had many fine ideas to suggest that have worked well.

If you shudder every time you send someone to your website, keep reading!

Because Alyssa is a singer and musician, she was able to understand the information that was needed for a composer website. She designed a system where I can easily upload new compositions, update older entries including videos and performing news.

Every detail is accounted for.

Plays it safe (in a good way).

Alyssa designed a unique layout (functional and visually appealing) that reflects my style. and an easy format to sell my digital downloads from Sheet Music Plus and Sheet Music Direct. She optimize the website so that it's easy to access on all devices. 

Out-of-the-box solutions.

Here's why I chose Contrast Collective Co.:

Alyssa kept the website clear and simple so that conductors can quickly find what they're looking for. She designed a consistent brand for the digital sheet music. She placed visuals and testimonials in key places.

I was impressed with Alyssa's  ability to take my ideas as a composer, conductor and music educator and work them into this site.

The website has made me keen to promote my work to singers, conductors and educators.

I am excited about the website because it's both easy to use and visually appealing!

Alyssa was able to create a website that encapsulated my vision in a creative modern way and I would recommend her services to any music educators, conductors or composers. She is extremely easy to work with and delivers what you've asked for with enthusiasm and support.

Truthfully speaking...

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