Any of these sound familiar?

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It’s an extraordinary feeling when your composition creates a synergy between composer, performer and audience. My piece “O, Little Rose, O Dark Rose” soared to life in the mesmerizing performances by the Gesualdo Six. I am so grateful to the choral directors, singers, soloists and instrumentalists who have performed my music so that audiences could […]

#musiclife #singing #lovesinging #choir

3 Days: Website Launch

#musiclife #singing #lovesinging #choir

4 Days: Website Launch

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With years of experience rehearsing, workshopping and performing pieces for choirs of various skill level and interests, I’m grateful for a huge amount of learning and insight gained with the composing process and have used it along the way to write compositions for developing to advanced choirs. 4 days left until the website launch! I […]

Songs for Mixed Voices

Musiking Together.

Music shaped by you, for you.

I’m open to arranging existing songs and hosting workshops and residencies.

Have a look through what works best for you and your choir.