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Based on the poem by Sir Charles G.D. Roberts, this piece uses garden imagery to paint a story about a conventional person seduced by the appearance of the free spirited and non-committal “Carmenesque” person.

O Little Rose, O Dark Rose (SATB)

Today, Under Darkened Skies: TTBB Premiere

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What a journey it’s been! Writing the music for the poem “Today, Under Darkened Skies” has been a profound learning curve and emotional rollercoaster. Written by my dear friend Jeanette Gallant, who continues to face enormous health challenges with incredible grace, the piece reflects her transformative experience at a Sooke, BC beach, where she found […]

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Hurray! Thank you to Cypress Choral Music for publishing my new piece, “Today, Under Darkened Skies, I Watched the Water Breathe” in SATB, SSAA and TTBB. I am so grateful to Jeanette Gallant for the beautiful poem of resilience and hope and to the Vancouver Chamber Choir for their stunning LIVE PREMIERE PERFORMANCE last September. […]

NEW AT CYPRESS PUBLISHERS: Today, Under Darkened Skies

Today, Under Darkened Skies, I Watched the Water Breathe – Premiere performance

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This is a beautiful live recording premiere by the Vancouver Chamber Choir, September 22, 2023. I discovered “Today, Under Darkened Skies, I Watched the Water Breathe” in Dr. Jeanette Gallant’s November 2022 Facebook post. The poem’s deep reflection on beauty, resilience, hope, and our bond with nature struck me, especially upon learning it was inspired […]

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